Lower back pain issue? Your mattress can help in reduction!

According to the studies, there can be several kinds of reasons for back pain issues including any injury, excess strain on your spine and improper sitting position for a long time. However, it is true that the sleeping surface can also be a big reason for chronic pain issue that a large number of people face. Your bed mattress is one of the important factors in any kind of pain problem in your back.it is very important that you can make choice for a proper mattress for your bed otherwise it will definitely cause the problem and it can be a big reason of back pain issue in your regular life.

In the serious cases of back pain, the individual can also find disability very commonly and the problem will get serious with time. You will not be able to get a good quality sleep due to the discomfort and back pain problem, so you need to go for the mattress for back pain reduction. Your mattress can help in back pain reduction in the following ways:

Proper comfort level during your sleep:

If you are unable to find proper comfort level during your sleep in the bed, there will be a common issue of back pain like most of other people in the world. The mattress should be proper to provide good support to your back during the sleep. If you are getting support for your shoulders, back and hip in the same way at the mattress, it will be very beneficial for the reduction of back pain problem. You should not go for extra soft or extra hard surface mattress because the medium firmness will be the best choice for proper comfort level during your sleep.

Proper body support in several sleeping positions:

People prefer different kinds of sleeping positions and they definitely need good support in every kind of position. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, you will be able to get proper support with the cure for back aches at night reduction. For example, if you go with a mattress having memory foam material with medium firmness, it will be very beneficial to adjust itself according to your sleeping position at night. With such kind of adjustment of your mattress material, you will be able to get rid of the issue of back pain and body pain.

Therefore, your mattress can definitely help when you are looking for find the proper treatment and prevention solution for back pain and other body pain issues. Always make sure that you are able to find a good quality mattress with a reputed brand in the market. Only a few of the brands will give you excellent quality and you will definitely find the option of several different kinds of mattresses with all these brands. Always make sure to check all the specifications as well as you can check reviews of the professionals online to get additional help. It will be better to use online services to find the best deals on it.

Tricks to get the best mattress for your bed and precious sleep

A hub of profitable things can be targeted when you should get a new mattress. You would make your sleep more precious with help of quality mattresses. The mattress helps you to immune your body system and you can feel fresh every morning with the help of this. You do not only feela fresh buy for every morning you would be ready to complete your entire task in a fast manner. There are a number of things which you can get when you buy a mattress after consultation through experts.

You have often needed to think twice when you should pick a mattress for your home. When you consult about all the factors once, then you can buy right thing for you. The right one always provides you with many health benefits and daily routine benefits. Most of the doctors suggest that you have to buy mattresses according to your posture. It is true because it is essential to give perfect support to your spine, shoulders or any other body parts. Now all things depend on this, and you want to compare and see. These given below things help you understand which aspect you have to check out during buying process of mattress


The foremost things are when you should buy a mattress.Then you have to know about the material that it is made up of. According to your sleeping position, you have to choose it because sometimesa hard one is better for your health or other times a softer one is. Actually, popular sleep companies online help you to know about the quality of mattresses and you can pick up the right one for your home. So, when you go to buy a mattress then you should see the materials of that first.


To get a perfect sleep, comfort is most important unless you have many health problems and causes. Before you buy, you have to test the comfortability of your mattress and really it is the right way to buy a mattress. Most of time this happens when you bought it, but you realize it doesn’t suit your back and spine. So, you should go with comfort when you want to buy a mattress for you.


Pricing factor is the one which stuck up your mind again and again. You have options now to compare the prices of many shops and through online portals. There may be times when this happens when you would buy a mattress and the shopkeeper charges extra cost. So, get rid of these types of cases and check out the pricing factors first.


Do you want to know about the support quality of that mattress?Then you should go with reviews. Reviews help you to pick up the right thing and also save your time to find the mattress. You would get actual support according to your sleeping position. By the way, there is a need to consult through doctors because they know which one is perfect for you.


Before youput down money, you can go with a cool mattress because it is perfect to absorb heat in summer and sleep better on acool mattress. A cool mattress is a need in summers because sometimes this happens that the mattress is too hot when you lay on it. You need to know whether that mattress is cool or not, and for this you can go with reviews.

Mattress Your Way to Success

This data is not less when choosing a mattress, either for you or your family. In Falabella.com not only we want you to choose a mattress, we are also interested in improving your quality of life. We believe that with these simple tips, we can help you to have a qualitative change in that third of life that depends on a good sleep. Take some time to review this useful information, and you can decide much better when buying.


The ideal mattress for you should have at least 10 centimeters more than your height.


The important thing about the mattress in terms of your weight is the firmness and support it must have. An optimal mattress should be firm in some areas and softer in others; It must yield in areas of less weight and be firmer in the heavier areas of the body, such as the pelvis and shoulders.

If it is too hard, it will not adapt to your spine and you will be sore from the effort to keep you upright. If it is very soft, your neck will be resentful to be aligned with your back.

A good mattress should provide support for all points of your anatomy and maintain the normal curve of your body shape.

Your particular requirements

Another very important factor when choosing your mattress also depends on your own needs. You should feel comfortable and should adapt to what you want.

Back pain: Back pain may be attenuated or increased by the quality of your mattress and the position you choose to sleep. It is important that you consult with your specialist if you have any problems, so that he orients you specifically in your case. Remember that the quality of the mattress is vital.

Price range: The mattress is of vital importance for your health and your back. Remember that when buying a mattress, you are making an investment. A good mattress lasts a long time; a low-quality mattress lasts much less and can cause long-term consequences for your back.

The most important thing is balance

As we saw earlier, the most important thing is the balance that the mattress gives to your body. The mattress springs are the ones that give you the necessary support for a good rest. It is important that you know that the spring technology used and the thickness of these determine the quality of your mattress. The current high-quality mattresses are thicker or taller than those sold 15 years ago.

The Box Springs are divided into two independent bodies, formed by the base and the mattress. These two parts are combined to give you maximum comfort (if you want to know more about the characteristics of the Box Spring, check the purchase guide that we have prepared especially about them)

The quality of the cover

The quality of the mattress cover will determine its resistance to wear and wear, so it will be what will give you the pleasant sensation when you touch your skin. The higher quality, the better feeling! The best fabrics are those that have more percentage of cotton, are softer and more durable.

Good support

A good support along the edges of the mattress increases the resting surface and protects the sides of the mattress.

When should you change your mattress?

As we already told you, the useful life of a good mattress is 10 years. However, there is some information that can help you know if your mattress is no longer working as it should.

If you get up in the morning and have the feeling of not having enough rest: the mattress that no longer fulfills the basic function, which is to help you in your rest, therefore it is a mattress that no longer serves you.

If when you lie down you feel that the mattress is too soft, or you fall to the center of the bed due to a drop, it is because the wear and use ended up changing its natural shape. The fundamental thing about a mattress is to give you an even rest that fits you. You do not have to worry about finding a balance point. Just click on the site for the memory foam productsand get all the details.

Could This Report Be the Definitive Answer to Your Mattress?

When it comes time to buy a new mattress, we quickly discover that the market has many different offers. Some are similar, others completely different. Some have springs; others are latex or memory foam, etc. However, one thing is of interest to us – a calm, relaxing, refreshing dream. In order to facilitate your choice, we have prepared a guide to buying Quality mattresses. Get ready for a well-kneaded night!

When it comes time to buy a new mattress, we quickly discover that the market has many different offers. Some are similar, others completely different. Some have springs; others are latex or memory foam, etc. However, we are interested only in one thing – a calm, relaxing and refreshing dream.

Quality mattresses are made of carefully selected materials, safe for the environment, created to meet the needs of a modern man. You can choose between 4 mattresses, which stand out for their high quality and affordable price. Quality mattresses combine modern technology with the highest standards in quality, and in this way provide years of calm and refreshing sleep. If you are searching for quality mattress go at Online mattress sales and get the best one.

In order to facilitate your choice, we have prepared a guide to buying Quality mattresses. Get ready for a well-kneaded night!

Choosing a mattress to the position you sleep in

Before you decide to buy a mattress, you need to consider what your needs and sleep habits are. We advise you to start answering the following questions (if you and your partner are sleeping on the same mattress, you should answer these questions together):

  • In what position do you sleep?
  • Do you like to sleep on a soft or hard mattress?
  • Do you have problems with your neck or back pain?
  • Do you want a mattress that is mostly made of natural materials?
  • Are you allergic to dust and / or mites?
  • Are you sweating excessively during sleep?

From here on, you will find our recommendations on the choice of mattress that will meet your needs. However, we recommend that you use the Product Browser, which will help you choose the perfect mattress for you.

When choosing a new mattress, we rarely take into account the situation where we sleep most often, and this is an extremely important factor. Different positions cause the effort of certain parts of the body, so the choice should be made taking into account the position when sleeping.

If you usually sleep on your back

You need a hard bed. In this position, the body weight is distributed over the entire bed, but the spine requires firm support.


Quality recommends:

If you usually sleep on your stomach

Choose a medium hardness mattress that adjusts to your body shape and weight distribution. The best mattress for you is where the softness and hardness are carefully combined to provide comfort and exceptional support for the spine.

Quality recommends:

Memory 2 + 12 Fresh: Made of solid, soft memory foam and silver fiber

Memory Silver: mattress with dual core and silver fibers, where you choose a softer or harder side

Choose a soft mattress to protect your shoulders, hips and articles. Sleeping on a mattress that is too tough can interfere with circulation and cause you to turn around and either overturn or even wake up.

Quality recommends:

Memory 2 + 12 Fresh: Made of solid Eco cell®, soft memory foam and silver fiber. A 2cm memory foam layer gives even more comfort.

We advise you to choose a soft or medium-hard mattress that is gentle towards the bulging parts of the body (shoulders, hips, knees, etc.). Pay attention to your needs and choose the level of softness that best suits your needs.

Vital facts to know during the process of buying mattresses

A good night’s sleep is priceless, but there is something money can buy that can help you get the rest you need a good quality mattress. Today, you are going to discuss how to choose a suitable mattress for your needs and what you should know before buying a mattress. Understanding a few things about mattresses can help you make a better purchasing decision and have better sleep too. It will also help you allocate a reasonable budget, instead of overspending on a mattress, you will regret buying a few months down the road. It’s very important to know what you want when it comes to a mattress because there are lots of choices out there. These down written factors should help you to buy mattresses.

Know your budget

Buying a mattress is not cheap, especially if you want a high-quality one. So, do not make any impulsive shopping decisions, instead of research the price range of mattresses available and decide on how much you want to spend on one before you decide to buy a mattress. This way, you can avoid overspending and regretting it later. Watch out for extra superficial features to the mattresses as these features do little to make the functionality any better but just spike up the prices. Stay away from such promotional publicity stunts and Mattresses be liable to retain body temperature and may feel too warm for most parts of India. A foam mattresscomes in your budget and you would never think that you waste your money.


What is the best thickness for a mattress? Well, there’s no easy answer, but the ideal thickness depends on several factors such as whether you have any back or neck problems, or how tall and fits you are. For example, if the mattress is super thick, it might add too much altitude to the bed and it will not be easy for an aged person who has trouble walking to get in and out of bed. Another possible disadvantage of really thick mattresses is that if they are not designed properly, they are more likely to stretch and lose their firmness. So, it’s best to buy the best quality you can get, especially if you’re planning on buying a super thick mattress. Keep in mind that both thickness and firmness can have a significant impact on back health in the longer run.

Know about the type of mattresses

One of the most commonly purchased mattress types is memory foam mattresses, which is known to mold itself according to the shape of an individual’s body. Therefore, it provides better support to the back and spine as pressure is applied evenly at all the points. However, these mattresses are liable to retain body temperature and may feel too warm for most parts of India. A sleepjunkie is one which can get rid out people from long-time pain and aches. You never think about the type of mattress when you pick up this one.

What is the best viscoelastic mattress?

When changing mattresses, we always try to find the best possible item that’s adapted to our budget. If we have decided that we want a viscoelastic mattress, it is more likely that at some point we will ask ourselves which the best viscoelastic mattress is.

The reality is that, as it happens in many things, the most appropriate answer to that question is: it depends onwho’s buying. Perhaps the fact that there is not a single viscoelastic mattress that’s suitable for everyone can de-motivate us at first. You might think that choosing the most suitable quality online bedding reviewsrecommended productfor each one is not something so simple, but the truth is that’s the way it is.

Each user has certain characteristics, a weight, a volume, a posture when sleeping, a level of sweating … and certain conditions that will make a certain mattress, which maybe is perfect for a very thin and not at all warm person, not great for someone of greater weight or with a tendency to sweat a lot at night. So, maybe the question should be: What is the best viscoelastic mattress for me?

What should have the best viscoelastic mattress?

We have seen on other occasions what the characteristics of a viscoelastic mattress are. Let’s go over a bit of where this material comes from and what its main properties are.

The viscoelastic is a material developed by NASA in the mid-60s. The objective was to minimize the impact suffered by astronauts in the cervical area at the time of the takeoff of the ship. Later, this material was incorporated into other uses. In the beginning, it was used for hospital rest equipment, popularizing later for the domestic environment thanks to its benefits and unique characteristics.

What are the characteristics of viscoelastic foam?

The main characteristic of viscoelastic foam is its ability to adapt to body shapes. It distributes the weight of the body, minimizing the pressure points and generating a certain sensation of weightlessness.

The mattresses made with this material have a memory effect so that once the pressure is removed and the original temperature is restored, it regains its initial shape.

The density of viscoelastic mattresses is measured in kilograms per cubic meter and the higher the mattress, the greater the rigidity of the mattress.

Currently, there are two types of viscoelastic mattresses: Those made by foaming and molding. The former is obtained by a chemical composition that mixes several components that create the foaming effect. Molded mattresses are obtained from molds that are injected to obtain the desired shape. In these, the pore is more closed, so there is less air circulation inside.

To speak of a mattress as the best viscoelastic mattress, the first thingis that the density is appropriate. A low density is considered to be between 18 and 40 kg / m3. An average density would be between 45 and 75 kg / m3, and a high density would have at least 80 kg / m3. The average density is usually the most common, although the choice depends on the preferences of each person.